General Motors - Class H Stock - Common Stock
Cusip # 370442832
Contra-Cusip # 370SMK995
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Updated on: 9/26/2003

* * *  OFFER EXTENDED  * * *


SMK Information Service has extended its offer to purchase shares of General Motors - Class H Stock common stock (Cusip # 370442832) (Contra-Cusip # 370SMK995) (NYSE: GMH) from holders of 1 or more shares, but fewer than 100 shares (1 – 99), held as of the record date 4/11/2003.

TERMS:  Holders will receive the price per share determined at the close of business on the date of transfer less a processing fee of $1.00 per share.

This offer will expire on 2/13/2004 (5:00 PM Eastern Time Zone).  There is no protect period or withdrawal privilege available.

A maximum number of 10,000 shares per week will be accepted on a first come basis, any shares exceeding this number will be carried over to the following week.  SMK Information Services reserves the rights to extend, amend, and/or terminate the program at any time with or without notice, as well as the right to reject or waive any irregularities of any transmittal not in proper order.

Holders may purchase shares to increase holdings to 100 shares no deposit is required.  The price per share will be determined on a transaction-by-transaction basis plus a $1.00 per share processing fee.

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Rounding Up???    SMK knows that when participating in the offers eligible through DTC, the transactions  goes only one way.  If you have clients that would like to purchase (round up) small quantities of an offer click onto SMK's Small Share Processing form!

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